ginkgo nimiWelcome to my brand new science blog. I am a freelance science writer and illustrator from the almost arctic forestland known as Finland. I started writing popular science texts three years ago. Now I write one Finnish blog and contribute to another, and make a living from writing articles and making illustrations for magazines and newspapers. Now it’s time to try my hand at another language.

By training, I am an almost-graduated biologist. I study ecology and evolutionary biology in the University of Jyväskylä, though if everything goes right, I’m receiving my Master’s degree in just a couple of months.

My (perhaps too) broad interests cover, among other things, dinosaurs, animal cognition, tropical plants, all sorts of things that could be called living fossils, bichirs, genetics of domestication, evo-devo, electric fishes, evolution of feathers. Expect something along these lines in this blog as well.

I have been considering writing in English for a while, but an important push towards the decision came from DeviantArt. This picture got a huge amount of comments, of which multiple asked if they could read the article this picture was made to illustrate. So I thought “why not? I could start by translating that one.” When I mentioned the idea on my DeviantArt journal, I got very supportive comments (thanks, if you’re reading this!), and here we are.

Without further blabbering, have a picture of me with a wild animal, and expect the first actual article soon.